Friday, 15 June 2018


I have finished my picture of the happy couple. I enjoyed doing this one. Something a little different, but now I will have to find something else to do after I finish my picture of the flamingo. Yes, and it looks like one already.
I am painting this one in acrylics to get some more practise in with this medium. I know I will have fun painting in the water.

'We are one'

                                                                  The new picture

Thought this week we would have a cat theme. All shapes and sizes. From big and fierce to soft and cuddly. I would still love cuddling up to the cheetah!



   One of my favourite photo's.





Tourist's again, how can I sleep!

We are watching you.

A cosy little bed.

                                                               What a little face.

    Morning snooze                                                                                                                 


 A new family in the making.

That's it for this week, see you next time.

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Friday, 8 June 2018


Started on the base colour for the background. It is now ready for the soft pastel to go on. I have done a little more on my little old ladies face and finished her coat. Then I will have to tidy up edges and correct anything else that is needed. A few tweaks and then a completed picture.
Next time I am going to try a little more with acrylics. Some fun coming up with that whilst I think about my next picture.


Back to life in the village. Past and present and just a look at life.

 Spider time around. Hatching nursery. Why do they always put their webs in your way.

Donkey trekking.
Wasps eating away at Prickly Pear plant. Looks like some alien!


Learning a local craft. Carving gourds. This was how we started out.  End results from us both.

A favourite kind of picture to take. Old doorways.

Pretty coves around
A friendly pig who decided to visit us.

The boss. Our favourite taverna owner here in the village.

Vintage plough.

His wife and friend making the Easter cakes. 'Flaounes' and other treats.

Hope you have enjoyed a little insight into life here.

See you next week and click on any picture to enlarge it.

Thursday, 31 May 2018


I have been busy on my picture this week and it  is now taking shape nicely. My little old dear has at least got a face now, still some work on the eyes needed I noticed. Then some extra colour into her face and gradually finish off on the coat and what is needed.


For this week's theme we are off to a Cyprus wedding.

We had the privilege of going to one up in the village which was over three days. I don't have photo's for everything but come and enjoy with me.
Our first day was at the brides house where we watched the mattress being turned around and brought out for family members to throw money on and help tie coloured bows at each corner. I think this was to help with having a baby boy or girl.

The next day we went to the grooms house where  we helped to grind the wheat to make the wedding bread. Cheering and goading on, and laughter was had by all. We ended up with tasty food and drink all around. Music and and dancing, everybody enjoying themselves. The groom on another day was having his pre-wedding hair cut and shave and any other traditions that go with it with his friends.

Wedding day.  we all met at the brides house where she was being dressed and her father tied the red ribbon around her waist and other members of the family did the same. I believe this is to bring good luck and health for future children.

When everybody was ready we all walked down to the church whilst the fiddler played music on his bazooka. Villagers called out blessings and the atmosphere was fantastic.
A lovely service and then in the evening it was down to the wedding feast, and what a feast the was.
I felt sorry for the bride and groom and family who stand at the entrance to greet their guests and receive the wedding gift which is money in an envelope. Ours stood for hours, and were still there when we left to go home. We heard there was about 4 thousand guests in all.  Most of course arrive, greet, eat, drink and chatter and then leave.  That way there is always room for everyone. Someone we spoke to had three receptions to go to that day!!

A friendly chat together.

It was an honour to have been invited to the whole wedding event.

Do catch up with me next week.
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